Trail running the Via Valais, Switzerland

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25km    2025m+ / 1171m-
Bonus Peak:  Oberrothorn (3414m)  7km, 775m+/-

A steep climb from the valley leads to the Charles Kuonen suspension bridge, the world's longest hanging bridge at 494 meters in length. Once you cross the bridge, the trail rolls smoothly in contrast to the previous days big ups and downs. The easier running is a relaxing contrast to the adventure of the previous stage and kilometers drop away behind you as you make your way to the first views of the Matterhorn.

This stage is one of the biggest for gain, but after the initial climb to the Europaweg, the meters accumulate in a runnable gradient. Before you know it, you're ready to soak your feet in the Grüensee before settling in to the Mountain Lodge Ze Seewjinu above Zermatt.

*This is Stage 5 of the 6 Stage Option and follows the full Via Valais route.

  • While there is some food availability, it comes late in the day. Pack your snacks in Randa.
  • The huts provide dinner and breakfast. You can also purchase a sack lunch and snacks from the hut.
Bonus peak:

Oberrothorn (3414m)  7km, 775m+/-

The day already has a large amount of gain, but after the initial climb from Randa to the Europaweg, you barely notice the meters accumulating in the undulating traverse. To add even more meters, make your way up the Oberrothorn for views of the Ober Gabelhorn-Weisshorn group, the Mischabel Range, Monte Rosa, the Breithorn, and of course the Matterhorn. Grade: T3


Mountain Lodge Ze Seewjinu: Open early July until mid-October, the lodge sits above Zermatt and is right on the trail. More like a hotel than a hut, you'll have showers to freshen up before your last big day.

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Above Randa, crossing the 494-meter long Charles Kuonen suspension bridge, the longest hanging bridge in the world.


Rolling along on the very runnable Europaweg with big views of the Weisshorn, a peak you passed directly beneath the day before.


The Europaweg about to zig into  Taschalp before zagging right back out. These ins and outs are also up and down, and the vertical adds up.


Cruising to the back of the Mattertal on super smooth singletrack.


The Europaweg.


With over 2000m gain this stage, there has to be uphill somewhere...


Laundry and a foot soak to finish the stage.

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