Arriving above Zinal, with views of the 4000 meter peaks above town, while trail running on the Via Valais, a multi-day trail running tour connecting Verbier with Zermatt, Switzerland.

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24km    1064m+ / 2215m-
Bonus Peak:  Pigne de la Lé (3396m)  3km, 597m+/-

Stage 5 is one of the most diverse days of the entire Via Valais, especially if you add on the Pigne de la Lá. If you want to tag Pigne de la Lé, consider an alpine pre-dawn start and watch the first light decorate the Matterhorn from the top. The summit adds an extra 600+/- to the day, and requires more scrambling than running. If you are comfortable with easy ridge scrambling, it's worth it! You'll pass the Moiry hut on the way down where you can eat breakfast, again.

When you leave the Moiry Hut for Zinal, you'll traverse above the length of the lake before a 500 meter climb to the Col de Sorebois and the start of the long, traversing descent to Zinal. As you run south, into the back of the Val d'Anniviers, you'll be entertained with incredible views of the Zinalrothorn, Weisshorn, and Dent Blanche. After descending more than 1200 meters to the valley floor, you'll follow the river right into the town of Zinal, and a much needed hotel night.

*This is Stage 2 of the 6 Stage Option and now follows the full Via Valais route.

  • There are plenty of restaurants and markets in Zinal. Plan ahead for day food. The next grocery store is in Randa, the end of Stage 7.
  • The huts provide dinner and breakfast. You can also purchase a sack lunch and snacks from the hut.
Bonus peak:

Pigne de la Lé (3396m)  3km, 597m+/-

From the Cabane de Moiry, it's about an hour to summit of Pigne de la Lé. Without the bonus peak, there's still some distance to cover, so it's a good idea to start early. Grade: T5 with some easy climbing passages (UIAA I-II).


Zinal or a short bus ride down valley to La Bergère in Ayer

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With an early start, you can make the bonus peak, Pigne de la Lé, for sunrise.


After watching the sunrise on the Matterhorn and Dent Blanche from the Pigne de la Lé, you can return to the Moiry Hut for another round of coffee before starting out on the rest of the stage.


Leaving Moiry Hut and starting the trip towards Zinal.


Passing Lac de Moiry on the way to Col de Sorebois.


Once over the Col de Sorebois,  you've entered another new valley, the Val d'Anniviers with views of the Weisshorn, Le Besso and Obergabelhorn.


Single track high above Zinal.


Views out to Le Besso and Weisshorn pull you to the back of the Zinal valley before descending to town.

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