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23km   1446m+/1378m-

Linking two iconic Swiss mountain towns, Davos Klosters and St. Moritz, the Via Grischuna begins its journey in Klosters with a shuttle to the remote Berghaus Vereina. (See our Logistics page for traveling to Davos Klosters and connecting to the berghaus).

From the Berghaus Vereina, the run begins through grazing pastures along the Jöribach leading to a steep climb up to the Jöriseen, a cluster of turquoise lakes. The climb becomes steeper still heading along rockier trail to the Jöriflüelafurgga. From this pass you follow the Müllersch Tälli Trail making a quick descent to Wägerhütta. A sharp left and gradual up to Flüelapass, parallels the road until turning and climbing up above the Val Grialetsch. At the Chamanna da Grialetsch you begin the descent toward Dürrboden along impressive green hillsides. 

  • There are plenty of restaurants and markets in both Davos and Klosters. Plan ahead for day food. The next grocery store is in Bergün, the finish of stage 2.
  • Carry lunch and snacks enough to last all day out until you arrive for dinner at the Gasthaus Dürrboden.
  • The guest houses provide dinner and breakfast. You can also purchase a sack lunch and snacks.

Jöriseen - This cluster of emerald and milky-blue Alpine lakes is a destination itself.


Berghaus Vereina To be in position to depart in the morning for Stage 1, sleep the night before at the Berghaus Vereina. The bus shuttle from Klosters requires a reservation and travels up the narrow winding road to Vereina 5 times per day.

Gasthaus Dürrboden (2011m) Private room, dormitory or hay beds available.

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Book this run with Eurotrek, the official tour operator of the Via Grischuna.

The first overnight and starting line, the Gasthaus Vereina.
The Berghaus Vereina, the starting point of the Via Grischuna, is accessed by a taxi shuttle from Klosters
Heading for the Jöriseen early in Stage 1

Passing the Jöriseen, famous for their turquoise color


Above the lakes, the route passes the Jöriflüelafurrga, a short, steep step that allows passage to the Flüelatal


Beginning the descent to the Flüelatal


The trail climbs the Flüelepass alongside a river


Running through the Val Grialetsch

The Dürrboden overnight is a Gasthaus with the option of a private room, a dorm, or even hay beds in a barn - dinner is deluxe 

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