Zuoz Piz Uter

Zuoz Piz Uter Ridge Running

Something for everyone: Forest, pastures, cross country, and ridges

→ 17km

↑ 1500m

Δ 2906



Like the Val Müstair run, the landscape south of the traditional Romantsch village of Zuoz revealed another motherload of ridgelines.

This one kicks off with a climb through a larch forest before popping out in cow pastures and open terrain at about 2300 meters. Lots of running allows you to quickly traverse to Lej da Prastinaun, a small lake beneath the Piz Mezzaun. It's around here that you'll begin to turn your gaze up towards the ridges to the east. From the lake the trail winds around and heads down to the valley, but instead, a steep cross country cow pasture detour awaits to get you up to Fuorcla Giavagl, the obvious saddle north of the lumpy Piz Uter. There, you'll be very happy you endured the steep grass hummocks and cow pie obstacle course.

Once on the open ridge, the views open up and the many ridges with the same type of smooth crests become visible. It's a ridge runner's dream. From the saddle, follow the trail 200 meters up to the top of the Piz Uter. Then, reverse your route and drop down to Piz Arpiglia.

From there, it's all fast running down curvy singletrack back to Zuoz.

This is another area we will be exploring more in the future. Those ridges caught our attention and need some exploration time.

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GPX Track
Start:  46.596430, 9.964357
Town:  Zuoz
Canton:  Graubünden
Country:  Switzerland

  • Build some extra time into your schedule to possibly allow for a drop off Piz Uter's south ridge. Let us know how it was!
  • There's no food or drink anywhere along the way. Take a filter for water sources.

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Gaining elevation through the larch forest from Zuoz


Pasture land with Piz Uter above


With Piz Uter and endless ridges behind, Piz Arpiglia is next


After open ridge country, heading up Piz Arpiglia


Losing elevation above Val d'Arpiglia


Speeding back to Zuoz, far below, on fast singletrack

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