Zinal Petit Mountet

Trail running in the Ticino, Swiss Alps

Zinal: In the shadow of 4000 meter peaks

Perfect singletrack through one of the Alps most dramatic landscapes

This Run is featured in Run the Alps Switzerland:  30 Must-Do Trail Runs

→ 17km   

↑ 1058m

Δ 2583M 

♦ Easy


Looking for classic Swiss running? This route has high elevation cruising, a quaint mountain hut, cowbells, wildflowers, all around views of 4000 meter peaks, and it's situated in the Val d’Anniviers - one of the best trail running regions of the French-speaking Valais. 

Detailed GPX Track

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GPX Track

Town:  Zinal
Canton:  Valais
Country:  Switzerland


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Trail running in the Ticino, Swiss Alps

Rising above a valley fog to the landscape you'll be seeing a lot of.

Trail running in the Ticino, Swiss Alps

Running on warm green hillsides while looking at the cold white mountains.

Trail running in the Ticino, Swiss Alps

The Swiss Alps.... additional caption text is unnescessary.

Trail running in the Ticino, Swiss Alps

Hands down one of the most beautiful trail runs in the Alps.

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Comments 1

  1. Done this one today + the bonus and it truly delivers!

    On the track itself, you are facing the glacier all the way from Sorebois till the Cabane. As said previously, I could see myself in your pictures. However, 2 remarks:

    – the gpx was not on the track on the way up to Sorebois. I used a Suunto Spartan. The same happen at the end of the trail when you pass by the Cabane and start descending toward Zinal.

    – Perhaps it doesn’t matter but the Trail heading to the Cabane is now a “Blue” Trail (Was it at your time?). Also there was some huge landslide, not sure how recent but at one point you have to read the terrain and find your way thru all the rocks that felt on the path (but again, not been there before)

    Finally, I did the suggestion for the day 2 and ran from St Luc to Zinal. You are absolutely right. That was the nicest part of the S/Z race.

    In case people are interested about timing:

    2h30 for the loop, including photography time 🙂

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