Trail running in the Swiss Alps

Zervreilahorn: Deep in the Valser Tal

Sometimes a trail run is reason to visit a place you wouldn't otherwise go, and you never know what you might find

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→ 19km     

↑ 1106m

Δ 2712M 

♦ Easy


While it isn't exactly on the way to anything, we made a detour to see the Zervreilahorn "on the way" to a week of running in Pontresina. It's not an unknown area, but it was unknown to us. The run we found here is a reminder that heading away from our beaten tracks can sometimes offer surprising rewards. Go deep into the Valser Tal and discover it's charm for yourself. 

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GPX Track

Town: Zervreila Chapel
Canton:  Graubünden
Country:  Switzerland


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Trail running in the Swiss Alps

Cruising terraces beneath the Zervreilahorn.

Trail running in the Swiss Alps

Kim running in early fall snow.

Trail running in the Swiss Alps

Kim and Janine running along the Valser Rhein with the Adula Rheinwaldhorn in the distance.

Trail running in the Swiss Alps

Janine rolling past old dairy farms along the Valser Rhein.

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