Sörenberg Brienzergrat Loop

Trail running Brienzergrat

Sörenberg Brienzergrat Loop: A Ridge Tour Along the Cantonal Border of Luzern and Bern

From grassy nature reserve to ridge running along the Brienzergrat and Zwischenegg

→ 21km     

↑ 1380m

Δ 2293M 

♦ Medium


The Sörenberg aerial cableway takes you quicky up to Rossweid where you’ll start running already above the forest. Rolling pastures spread bellow, home to a variety of plants and animals, and a unique biosphere reserve. To the northwest, you see the rocky Schrattenfluh. The first kilometers pass through grasslands full of colorful wildflowers, moor, and Emmental farmhouses with their long angling roofs.

From Blattenegg to Chrutere it’s an abrupt change in landscape. This steep section is where you put in the bulk of the gain to reach the Brienzer Rothorn, the highest point in the canton Luzern at 2351m. While passing through the Brienzer Rothorn station, look over your shoulder following the sprawling length of the Brienzergrat/Hardergrat.

A short descent leads towards the Eisee before hovering along the Zwischenegg, another grassy ridgeline that separates the cantons Luzern and Bern. Green rolling farmlands expand north to the Emmental. Off the other side of the ridge, views across the Berner Oberland and big mountains. Below, the Brienzersee and a chain of lakes.

Cruising the winding Zwischenegg you reach the final highpoint, Höch Gumme. From here it’s all downhill angling into the grasslands below the ridge you traversed. Follow the Chuterenbach for the final few flat kilometers back to the Sörenberg station.

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GPX Track
Start:  46.820901, 8.034072
Town:  Sörenberg
Canton:  Luzern
Country:  Switzerland

  • The quiet Entlebuch Biosphere protects a unique landscape of karst and moorlands. Watch for  sheep on the slopes, ibex on the ridges, deer on the hillsides, and a multitude of flowers at your feet. Learn more about this rich reserve here.

  • Running the traverse towards Höch Gumme is a highlight of this tour. Enjoy the fast flowing trail looking out toward the Lungersee.

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Trail running Brienzergrat

Leaving Rossweid through grassy, flower covered pastures on a smooth track.

Trail running Brienzergrat

Where you're headed next...a steep climb to meet the ridge and over to the Brienzer Rothorn.

Trail running Brienzergrat

On the Brienzergrat approaching the station.

Trail running Brienzergrat

The Zwischenegg unravels along the border of the cantons of Bern and Luzern, and makes for some stellar running.

Trail running Brienzergrat

Flowing along the Zwischenegg, a grassy ridge reaching beyond the Brienzergrat.

Trail running Brienzergrat

Coming down from Höch Gumme, the return to Sörenberg passes through green pastures paralleling the ridge line you ran high above.

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