trail running simplon pass

Simplon: A Path Away from the Pass

Surprises around every turn add up to a run that's nothing short of magic

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→ 20km     

↑ 1211m

Δ 2737M 

♦ Medium


We mooed back and forth, squatting on a stone wall to converse with a heard of grazing cows. This would be a good way to end the run, but we weren't quite done for the day. Just a few kilometers later, we were back at the parking beside a small pool. An even better ending for the run- stripping off our gear for a quick dip. This was the beginning of true summer running. 

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GPX Track

Start:  46.245797, 8.024327
Town:  Simplon Pass
Canton:  Valais
Country:  Switzerland


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trail running simplon pass

Singletracks made for two, leading away from the Simplon Pass.

trail running simplon pass

You might have to glance over your shoulder for views of the Bietschhorn.

trail running simplon pass

Not far from the busy Simplon Pass, you feel surprisingly far away.

trail running simplon pass

Sometimes returning to civilization is beautiful too. Arriving to the Alter Spittel before finishing the loop.

trail running simplon pass

Who's more entertained, us or the gals?

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