A lot of work with huge rewards. Wait for it...

→ 23km     

↑ 1800m

Δ 3254M 



This run makes for a hard day, but leads to one of the best descents we've ever run.

Starting off mellow, the trail follows the flow of La Gougra, before cutting uphill and roller-coastering all the way out to the Bendola lift station above Grimentz. From here you double back the direction you came from, but angling higher. The trail sweeps through the Lac de Lona area, joins the Via Valais for a short bit, and gains the Basset de Lona.

It's here that the adventure begins. From the pass, you'll follow the wide, but at times steep ridge to Diablon (3053M). The loose and soft footing continues from this first peak as you descend to Basset de Levron before choosing your way up to join the ridge below Sasseneire. You'll be happy to leave the steep scree behind when you reach the well worn ridge trail to finish your climb to the top of Sasseneire at 3254M. From there, follow the trail back down to Col de Torrent and enjoy the drop past Lac des Autannes. With the unreal blue of Lac de Moiry in view, you finish off the descent in no time.

While you are in the Val d'Anniviers, consider the Ayer Hotel Weisshorn for an easier day, or the Dôme, for something harder and higher.

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GPX Track
Start:  46.139741, 7.570059
Town:  Moiry
Canton:  Valais
Country:  Switzerland

  • Connecting Diablon and Sasseneire requires finding your way cross-country. Choose a good way through, even when it means going down before going up.
  • Factor a little more time than you think you'll need for this one. While the stats aren't massive, some sections of the terrain is slow moving.
  • If Sasseneire is appealing, but you don't have the hours for a big loop, an up and back from the barrage is an ok alternative.

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Starting out on rolling trail toward Grimentz


Trying to cool off on a hot late-summer day


Aiming towards Lac de Lona with smooth running


That smooth running we mentioned... Your objectives are above, Diablon (left) and Sasseneire (right). The ridge is more or less your line.


After tagging Diablon, a short cross-country descent is necessary to connect to Sasseneire


Darias making his way up to reach the Sasseneire ridge


The trail along the ridge to and from Sasseneire - great in both directions 


A perfectly angled, non-knee pounding, descent to finish a long day

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