Trail running in the Salbit, Swiss Alps

Salbit Traverse: Running through a climber's playground

Famous for its climbing, the Salbit offers mountain runners a wild tour

This Run is featured in Run the Alps Switzerland:  30 Must-Do Trail Runs

→ 19km     

↑ 1680m

Δ 2541M 

♦ Difficult


We joked that if a run was not worthy of the book, we would give it a "gong", meaning: this run is VOID, it's not good and not going in. We were pretty close to giving the gong when we suddenly hit our stride on some beautiful singletrack along the Horenfelliboden. And from there, things got good. Really good...

Runners be warned, this route does have a section with exposure, and several very steep ladders with lots of air beneath your feet. If you have issues with exposure or heights, this may be a run to skip.

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GPX Track

Town:  Grit, Göschenental
Canton:  Uri
Country:  Switzerland


  • Don't miss this run, see previous tip 😉

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Trail running in the Salbit, Swiss Alps

Past the Salbit Hut the trail leads straight to the walls.

Crossing the Salbit hanging bridge

You'll walk the bouncy 90 meter long Salbitbrücke.

Looking through the legs while climbing a ladder at the person below. Salbit, Switzerland.

Trail running Salbit style.

Trail running in the Salbit, Swiss Alps

The tougher terrain finally gives way to trail, and so the long run out begins.

Trail running in the Salbit, Swiss Alps

The Salbit tour offers a rewarding mountain run with both obstacles and views.

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