Saas-Fee Hannigalp

Saas-Fee Hannigalp

A perfect, fast-flowing trail run right from town

→ 16km   

↑ 1100m

Δ 2750M 

♦ Easy


Yet another reason to visit the Saastal is this quick hit right from Saas-Fee. At 16km and 1100 meters vert, it's a welcome to town or, my legs are cooked and I need something mellower today type of run.

Saastal, with its trio of villages; Saas-Fee, Saas-Grund, and Saas-Almagell, is a great spot to settle in and do some exceptional running and peak bagging. On this site, we have the Saas-Almagell Jazzilücke Loop, the Glacier Trail, the start to the mighty Balfrin Traverse, and two 4000-meter peak runs - Lagginhorn and  Weissmies one of our favorite scrambles in the Alps.

All of these in the lineup establish Saas-Fee as one of the Alps' premier basecamp towns for some high quality trail running tours.

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GPX Track
Start:  46.108856, 7.929407
Town:  Saas Fee
Canton:  Valais
Country:  Switzerland

  • Get to know the goats by name - they wear name tags along with their bells, and are likely to meet you at some point on the trail.

  • Mountain bikes share the descent from Hannig so stay somewhat alert from overtaking traffic.

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Kicking things off with a cruise through a beautiful larch forest


Above the trees, the trails stay mostly smooth on the way to the highpoint


After the Hannig Station the run somehow feels like it's over -  it's not - it's time to follow trails that unexpectedly keep unfolding


Traversing in and out of canyons


And finally, a moraine trail leads down to town

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