Rosenlaui to Dossen ⇑

A trail runner on the Dossen Peak, with the Rosenlauigletscher in the background, Swiss Alps

Rosenlaui to Dossen: From green hillsides to alpine glaciers

Alpine trail access to the big mountains

→ 15km   

↑ 1850m

Δ 3138M 

♦ Difficult

⇑ Easy

Θ Out & Back

One of my earliest discoveries for the Way Up, I've now done the Dossen twice. Both times have included a summit dinner, complete with wine, before a headlamp lit dash back to Rosenlaui. It's a great tour thanks to relatively easy trail access high into the big mountains.

The Dossen Hut sits exposed in a col at nearly 2700 meters. While it has trail access, it is a blue and white marked alpine trail, meaning you can expect steep terrain with cables and ladders. Its a fantastic position with views to both the Swiss flatlands and big mountains. But if you are in Way Up mode, it's the peak above, the Dossen itself, that you've come for.

From the hut, you'll hop on the Dossengrat (grat is ridge) and both scramble (with cables) and walk up rock to the Dossensattel at 3000 meters. Now you are directly below and north of the Dossen itself. The route follows an easy trail on the west side, where you'll also join the edge of the glacier for a bit to access the low saddle just south and below the Dossen summit. A short section of talus is all that remains to the summit, where if you're like us, you plop down on top and pull out the designated wine soft flask and enjoy the evening.

For the descent, you always have the option of staying in the hut so you have the morning to wake in a beautiful place. Or, if you're like us, you charge down trying to get the steep bits done while it's still light. Once you reach the foot of the alpine trail, it's beautifully smooth singletrack all the way to Rosenlaui, easy with a headlamp.

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GPX Track
Start: 46.67866, 8.15486
Town:  Rosenlaui
Canton:  Bern
Country:  Switzerland


  • The Dossengrat is an easy via ferrata / klettersteig but does have exposure. If you are not comfortable in exposed terrain, consider taking a via ferrata kit.

  • Fill your stomach at the hut instead of your pack at the car. You'll appreciate the weight savings.
  • Thanks to the exposure and all the cables you'll be grabbing, this is not a trail to attempt during thunderstorms.

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*Track goes to end of trail only.

Hiking up to the Dossen Hut from Rosenlaui is on a Swiss Alpineweg, which are steep trails with cables and ladders in place. In the background is the Rosenlauigletscher and Wetterhorn.

Alister Bignell below the Dossen Hut on an official alpine trail, meaning, steep, with cables and/or ladders.

A runner on the way to the Dossen Peak from Rosenlaui is on a Swiss Alpineweg, which are steep trails. In the background is the Gstellihorn.

Switching from green hillside mode into alpine rocky mode.

A runner climbing cables on the way to the Dossen Peak from Rosenlaui is on a Swiss Alpineweg, which are steep trails with cables and ladders in place.

Alister headed up the Dossengrat, with the Dossen Hut visible below.

A trail runner in rocky terrain on the Dossen Peak, tiny in the landscape with the Gstellihorn in the background. Switzerland.

High on the Dossen it's big mountains and tiny human terrain.

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