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Rosegtal: A Bit of Everything in the Engadine

Just outside Pontresina, the Rosegtal offers a brilliant trail running loop below glaciers and the 4000 meter Piz Bernina

This Run is featured in Run the Alps Switzerland:  30 Must-Do Trail Runs

→ 35km     

↑ 1655m

Δ 2753M 

♦ Medium

Θ Clockwise

"I just had an epiphany," Dan says when we catch up. "I don't remember exactly what it was, but I had it." Trying to keep up through the forest, I was feeling something closer to the opposite of epiphany. But, then, we pause where the trees open up and we can see the depth of the valley. Quiet, wild, with massive peaks and glaciers towering above. I suppose if there's a place likely to induce epiphanies, it might just be here. 

With a variety of trails, and ideal altitude for training, the Engadine is a runner's paradise. It's especially beautiful in the fall with golden larch and the mountains newly white with snow.

We decide to detour for torte at the Chamanna Coaz, but we meet the hut keepers hiking out for the season. The last of the torte riding along in their packs. Besides the hut keepers, we only meet another woman running the high traverse, and guy in heavy boots who decides to join our race back down to town through the final few hundred meters of snaking forest trail.  

While you're in the Engadine, be sure to also run the Piz Languard and Piz Lunghin.

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Town:  Pontresina
Canton:  Graubünden
Country:  Switzerland


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trail running rosegtal pontresina graubünden

Running out of the frost and into the sunshine on a crisp autumn morning in the Rosegtal.

trail running rosegtal pontresina graubünden

A long flat warm-up leads all the way to the end of the valley before you begin the climb.

trail running rosegtal pontresina graubünden

Side trip to Chamanna Coaz.

trail running rosegtal pontresina graubünden

Cruising with Piz Bernina and Piz Roseg for a backdrop.

trail running st. moritz graubünden

Rounding Piz Rosatsch above St. Moritz and Lej da Silvaplana on the way back to Pontresina.

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  1. Just wanted to send a HUGE thank you for all of the suggestions and for creating the best trail running book ever. Our trip was incredible. In the last week we hit Languard, Rosegtal, Lauterbrunnen areas, and Zermatt. Absolutely beautiful and the best trail running we’ve ever had. Saw rainbows, snow, blue bird skies, and some heavy rain. Rosegtal will forever be the most memorable run of our lives. Truly can not thank you enough for giving us the tips and insight we needed to make this dream trip a reality. We have about 20+ more runs to check off from the book so you know we will be back!

  2. Just finished this route today! Chamanna Coaz is closed until 2024 but still plenty of stops along the way. Thanks so much for the wonderful trip.

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