Ritom Lakes

Trail running in the Ritom Lakes area, Switzerland

Ritom Lakes: Tibetan Trails in Ticino

Lakes, waterfalls, prayer flags, yaks... It’s like being far away without traveling far at all

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→ 23km     

↑ 1455m

Δ 2571M 

♦ Easy


"They're squares." Dan says. "Way over there, those are yaks not cows. You can tell because they're more square." Sure enough we run into a herd of Tibetan yaks grazing along the Swiss slopes. Between the trail company and the tattered prayer flags, it seems we've run much further than planned. 

It's not exactly close, but when you're in Ticino for the Ritom Lakes trail running tour,  make some time for the Monte Zucchero big vert day.

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GPX Track

Town:  Lago Ritom
Canton:  Ticino
Country:  Switzerland


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Trail running in the Ritom Lakes area, Switzerland

Trading Lago Ritom behind for grassy trails and a backcountry feeling.

Trail running in the Ritom Lakes area, Switzerland

Another run to save for the magic of fall weather and colors.

Trail running in the Ritom Lakes area, Switzerland

Kim heading up above Lago di Dentro.

Trail running in the Ritom Lakes area, Switzerland

The Laghetti della Miniera.

A yak stands in the Swiss Alps

That's not your typical Swiss cow. A touch of Nepal along the Ticinese trails.

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  1. WARNING : 9th July 2018: the trail marked white and blu from lago di Dendro and Laghetti della Miniera is in very bad conditions; it could be dangerous. Better use the classic path via Passo dell’Uomo; longer but safer.

  2. Just did this over the weekend in the clouds! We didn’t see or hear any yaks but we enjoyed one prayer flag while climbing up from the river. The landscape was lunar and reminded us of Iceland. We picked up a couple of hitchhikers from the parking lot (reminder to bring coins btw, the machine doesn’t accept cards or bills) who had just used your book to complete half of the route as well! Thanks for a great loop suggestion!

    1. Post

      Thanks for sharing that! Love seeing the doubling up of Run the Alps Switzerland users connecting out there.

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