Piz Lunghin

Trail running near Maloja, in the Engadin, while on a running tour to Piz Lunghin. Switzerland

Piz Lunghin: Above Malojapass

Golden larch, turquoise lakes, and a summit in the Engadin

This Run is featured in Run the Alps Switzerland:  30 Must-Do Trail Runs

→ 20km     

↑ 1051m

Δ 2780M 

♦ Easy

Θ Clockwise

Here's an easy run to add to the to-do list. It isn't so many kilometers, and the gain won't destroy your legs, but the setting is no less beautiful than longer days in bigger mountains. You might spend more time out here than expected since the lakes and views entice you to stop and linger. Not far outside St Moritz, you curve along the calm turquoise water of Lej Segl. After coasting around the lake, you head up to the alpine Lägh dal Lunghin surrounded by Piz Lunghin and Piz Grevasalvas, another tempting stop. Next up, the loop up to Piz Lunghin. It's only 3km and 300m gain, but it adds a little technicality and exposure to an otherwise gentle run.

The trail down passes above the tiny village of Grevasalvas. When we ran past, alphorns lured us down to the stone and wood houses, to drink from the fountain and sit in the sun. It's a spot where you might lose all track of time, and you may not want to leave. Across the way, take in the views of the peaks that mark the border with Italy: Piz Roseg and Fedoz, Cima di Rosso and Cima di Castello.

While you're in the Graubünden region, be sure to also run the Rosegtal and Piz Languard.

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GPX Track

Start: 46.43490, 9.75444
Town:  Sils
Canton:  Graubünden
Country:  Switzerland

  • The Engadine is especially beautiful in the fall. Go run through the changing colors.

  • The first kilometers of forested lakeside are shaded. A great thing for hot summer days, or an excuse to get a later start waiting for sun in cooler weather.

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Trail running on the shore of the Silser Lake, near Maloja, in the Engadin

Kim cruising along the Silsersee's golden shores. Graubünden's great runs are made phenomenal in fall.

Fall trail running near Maloja in Switzerland

Piz Lunghin's descent is fast and flowing singletrack.

Trail running on the Piz Lunghin above Maloja, Swiss Alps

Kim and Pascal Egli nearing the summit of the Piz Lunghin.

Trail running near Maloja, in the Engadin, while on a running tour to Piz Lunghin. Switzerland

Kim running happy after a quick side trip to Grevasalvas village.

Trail running near Maloja, in the Engadin. Runner sitting at small house.

Make trail running in the Graubünden during fall colors a life list must do.

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  1. Hi Dan,
    Just curious if this is the best spot for me to leave comments on the runs?
    We absolutely loved this run. I would say to NOT miss the Piz Lunghin Peak. It was stunning from the summit. Thanks

    1. Post
  2. Super awesome run and probably one of my favorites in CH now! I haven’t done any running in Engadin before so it was a great intro and made me realized how spoiled I am.

    I did a variation, in case anyone is curious, and cut out the lake running since I wanted to be a little higher. Sils -> Lago Lunghin -> Piz Lunghin -> Blaunca -> Grevasalas -> Sils. I didn’t find the downhill from Lago Lunghin to Grevasalas to be that fun (view were great), so if I was skipping the lake in the future, I’d do this in reverse since the downhill from the lake back to Sils would be superb and more fluid running.

    Thanks for the route!

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