Lobhörner Loop

Trail running the Lobhörner Loop, Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

Lobhörner Loop: Jungfrau Region ridge and single track running with big views of big mountains

Before you run the Hardergrat, try this shorter ridge run that we're calling the "Startergrat"

→ 22km   

↑ 1436m

Δ 2473M 

♦ Medium


While not always on official trails, this run takes you into the Soustal, around the Lobhörner, and across the ridge of the Sulegg to meet the trail to the Lobhorn Hut before dropping back into the Soustal and returning to the Grütschalp Station.

From Lauterbrunnen, a quick tram ride gets you to Grütschalp. The lift saves you some meters so you can start running a forested traverse into the open Soustal and follow the river to the back of the valley. There's still sufficient vert ahead, so you'll be happy you saved your legs for later. The climb begins at the back of the valley and quickly brings you up to sweeping views of the region's famous mountain trio: the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.

After passing along the Lobhörner, a short scree field connects the col to the ridge of the Sulegg. This is the Hardergrat for beginners, or for those wanting to see how it feels to be on an exposed ridge (although nowhere near as exposed as the Harder's toughest sections). The ridge is short but has a similar airy feel while bounding along the worn-in grassy path. As you reach the end of the ridge, you're looking down to Interlaken, the Brienzersee, and directly above the lake, the Hardergrat itself as it stretches east to Brienz.

A quick drop off the ridge takes you to the Lobhorn Hut. After a potentially prolonged pause on their patio, you close the loop with a short climb and a five-star descent back to Grütschalp, or all the way to Lauterbrunnen if you have legs left.

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GPX Track
Start:  46.596597, 7.890842
Town:  Lauterbrunnen
Canton:  Bern
Country:  Switzerland

  • Make a stop at the perfectly situated Lobhornhütte and order a Haslikuchen...tell them Dan sent you.

  • Navigation is pretty easy and a path wears in during the summer, but it's not always on official trails. You have to traverse a short scree field and then follow the grassy Sulegg ridge before dropping cross country down to meet up with the trail.

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Trail running the Lobhörner Loop, Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

Rising up from the Soustal.

Trail running the Lobhörner Loop, Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

Above the clouds and below the summits.

Trail running the Lobhörner Loop, Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

Headed to the Sulegg with the Lobhörner in the background.

Trail running the Lobhörner Loop, Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

Grassy ridge lines, running along the Sulegg looking across to the Hardergrat.

Trail running the Lobhörner Loop, Jungfrau Region, Switzerland

Straight line down to rejoin the trails.

The Lobhorn Hut fresh tort

Homemade at the Lobhorn hut: Häslikuche.

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  1. Hey Dan!
    I tried Häslikuche at Google and all that came were the pictures from your site and some other site in dutch.
    What”s the true name of that tarte??? =)
    During quarantine times, food is more appealing than gear…
    Stay safe!

    1. Hey Theo! You are bored! 😉 I hope this helps keep you busy. I suppose there are different ways to spell it according to dialect. But here is one: https://einfachessen.ch/2016/12/01/haslikuchen/ Search haslikuchen for the most results. Then, once you perfect it, I’ll provide my address and you can ship some my way.

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