Le Moléson

Fribourg trail running

Le Moléson: Rocky Terrain above Green Pre-Alp Pastures

Connecting Le Moléson and Teysachaux in a loop through charming hillsides full of flowers

→ 18km

↑ 1187m

↓ 1597m

Δ 2002M 

♦ Medium


When we arrived to Le Moléson (2002 m), we weren't the only ones to stop to enjoy the view and rummage in our packs for a snack. In fact, some others had even prepared much better than we had. They set up a fire and a pot of melty-cheese. We must have looked hungry since they offered us gooey bites from their fondue skewers. It is a bustling summit with a restaurant, observatory, and a really great place for a fondue picnic. Only about an hour from Fribourg, Lausanne, or Montreux, Le Moléson is an easy escape to the mountains. It’s a popular peak, and accessible by funicular/cable car. Overlooking lake Geneva and with views toward the Bernese and Valais Alps, more Pre-Alp horns, and the long line of the Jura on the horizon, it’s easy to see why so many people come here.

While the peak itself can be busy, other sections of this running tour can feel more wild and isolated. From the top of the funicular, Plan Francey, run up the forest trail, farm roads, and first switchbacks to arrive by foot to Le Moléson. From there, a grassy ridge traverse connects with Teysachaux (1909 m), a slightly lower, but more technical summit. Most of the run is on the less traveled trails between the two peaks. The up and down to Teysachaux is rocky and steep, but short.

Once you’re down the steep descent from Teysachaux, a rolling traverse wraps through pastures and farms with wood-shingled roofs before one more climb back up to meet the main hiking trail. The last kilometers roll back to the station at Plan Francey, and then it's all downhill to Moléson-sur-Gruyères. 

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GPX Track
Start:  46.560124, 7.038553
Town:  Moléson-sur-Gruyères
Canton:  Fribourg
Country:  Switzerland

  • For funicular hours and rates visit moleson.ch.

  • While most of the tour is easy trail, the steep up and down to Teysachaux (1909m) has large rocky steps requiring careful footing. It may be difficult in wet conditions.

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Fribourg trail running

Leaving the peak of Le Moléson to stride along the long grassy ridge.

Fribourg trail running

Next stop, the rocky summit of Teysachax overlooking Lake Geneva and peering further into the Alps.

Fribourg trail running

From Teysachax, careful footing drops you into the quiet farms below.

Fribourg trail running

The last kilometers roll back to the Plan Francey station and then it's all downhill to Moléson-sur-Gruyères.

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