Lac de Moiry to Pigne de la Lé

Trail running in the Swiss Alps near Lac de Moiry

Lac de Moiry to Pigne de la Lé: From Edelweiss to Glacial Ice

Fast running at 2500 meters topped off with a glacier crossing and a serious scramble

This Run is featured in Run the Alps Switzerland:  30 Must-Do Trail Runs

→ 21km     

↑ 1457m

Δ 3396M 

♦ Difficult


I didn't have high expectations for a run starting near a dam, assuming the human imprint would make the run seem less adventurous, too close to civilization. I suppose all of Switzerland is fairly civilized - even in remote valleys, you can access public transport, restaurants, huts, and a cell signal. But I'm continually amazed by the wild and rugged energy of peaks you can reach by running, and then drop down from in almost no time. I prefer a run that feels far away and lands you alone on a mountain. This one, to my surprise, did exactly that. The run and scramble up to Pigne de la Lé is one of my unexpected favorites. If you happen to catch a dramatic sunset from the summit, the run goes from awesome to indescribable.

This is a run so good you might just stay and do it again the next day. We did.

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GPX Track

Start: 46.138379, 7.574178
Town:  Barrage de Moiry
Canton:  Valais
Country:  Switzerland


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Trail running in the Swiss Alps

Following the moraine near the Moiry Glacier.

Trail running in the Swiss Alps

The glacier crossing is runnable, although unmarked and cut with crevasses.

Trail running in the Swiss Alps

Evening running high above the valley.

Trail running in the Swiss Alps

Alpine terrain near the summit of Pigne de la Lé.

Trail running in the Swiss Alps

Staying at Pigne de la Lé for sunset means busting down the rocky trail after dark.

Trail running in the Swiss Alps

Runner's high.

Trail running in the Swiss Alps near Lac de Moiry

The trail along the Val de Moiry leading back above the dam may be some of the smoothest, fastest kilometers you can find in the Alps. Savor these!

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