Lac de Louvie

Trail running near Lac Louvie in the Valais region of Switzerland

Lac de Louvie: Journey Through 3 Cols

At the back of the Val de Bagnes - pastures, farms, forest, an alpine lake, three passes and riverside trail make this more than a run

This Run is featured in Run the Alps Switzerland:  30 Must-Do Trail Runs

→ 22km     

↑ 1919m

Δ 2648M 

♦ Medium

Θ Clockwise

"Are you awake?" Janine asks. It isn't even 5am, and even though we finished running after 10pm the night before, she is ready start again. Groggily, we roll out of the car where we've slept a few hours, and pull on our shoes, still soggy from the downpour that chased us down in the dark. We get to repeat some stellar trail sections, see more of the area, and check-in with the goats- all great reasons to get up!

Cross the road and head up the other side of the valley for our Fionnay - Col des Otanes run. The Val de Bagnes is teeming with gorgeous trails.

And if you enjoy this run and want to push yourself a bit more, try Lac de Moiry.

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GPX Track

Start:  46.033222, 7.307198
Town:  Fionnay
Canton:  Valais
Country:  Switzerland


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Rewarded with big views and smooth sailing up out of the trees after the first climb.


The Cabane and Lac de Louvie both make you want to linger, but there's a long journey ahead.


Leaving the lake you start the climb to the first of three cols.


After the rocky  climb to Col du Sarshlau, it's all good running - fast and flowing.

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  1. I ran the Lac de Louvie route today and loved it! I got an early start to make sure the first climb to Lac de Louvie was in the shade, given this summer’s heatwave. Lac de Louvie is a gorgeous hidden gem of the Swiss alps and it was hard not to linger exploring its shores and taking photos. The ancient stone cottages and stable at the far end of the lake were interesting to poke around. But don’t linger too long as there is serious business ahead, with three more climbs on the day’s menu! The climbs to col de Termin and Bec d’Aigle were long but the panoramic views along the way provided much-needed distraction. The slog up the rocky and barren terrain beneath the col du Sarshlau was not my favourite, but worth it in the end to reach this lofty narrow perch and take in the view on the other side. It was all downhill from there, literally. Don’t miss the hearty assiette Valaisanne, Coke and ice cream at the restaurant in Bonatschiesse on your way back to Fionnay!

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