Interlaken Ringgenberg

Interlaken Ringgenberg Loop

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→ 12km   

↑ 950m

Δ 1414M 

♦ Medium


This mini-big run has it all; fast dirt road to a short up, a long, narrow singletrack cruise, a calf-burning climb, back to fast traversing and then a technical descent to a dirt road to the finish. It's almost all in the forest, perfect for hot summer days or drizzly weather where views don't matter.

Locals call this hillside the Harder as it's home to the Harderkulm Restaurant, that pagoda looking thing you see above Interlaken, and of course higher up is the famous Hardergrat. Harder is a good word for it, it's steep.

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GPX Track
Start:  46.690861, 7.865243
Canton:  Bern
Country:  Switzerland

  • Heads up for ticks, the Interlaken region is full of them and they like this hillside.

  • There are multiple water fountains on the traverse above Ringgenberg.
  • This is an easy one to add more, or adjust the descent to stay on trail. We come down partially on dirt road because the trail is often bursting with tourists, who are usually also bursting with the effort.
  • Pay attention to your map, but use the GPX track to avoid taking a wrong turn onto one of the many other trails.

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