Gstaad - Lauenental

Ideal early season running through high alpine pastures high above Gstaad

→ 28km     

↑ 1556m

Δ 2202M

♦ Medium

Θ Point to Point

Better known for its ski pistes and beach volleyball week, Gstaad also offers great trail running. This long run makes a horseshoe above the Lauenental that’s perfect for both early season distance and friendly vertical.

Starting easy with wide grassy trails on the wide Höhe Wispile ridge, the tour trends towards more and more technical running as you go. Once past the Lauenensee at the back of the valley, the terrain becomes less manicured and more wild. After the first smooth kilometers, you start a steep climb in the forest to reach high pastures. Before long, you’re running long traverses on narrow, buffed singletrack between passes.  

Between Stübleni Pass and Trütlisberg Pass, the landscape is a low rocky ridge pocked with deep craters. The trail weaves along the top of oddly white ground in a playful track for speeding across. Once you’re through the grassy climb to the Schutzhütte, you reach the Wasserngrat and quickly realize that the tour has saved its best for last. The Wasserngrat and the traverse of it are the most dramatic sections of the tour and require increased attention when your legs are tired.

What makes this run special? Besides the variety of the landscape, and diverse wildflowers all along the way, this tour is a lot of running. Besides the big up from the Lauenensee, you’re not walking uphill all that often - the vertical gain accumulates in smaller chunks and gradual “runnable” inclines. 

After experiencing this landscape and trail quality, we'll certainly be exploring the Gstaad region for what else waits to be discovered. If you're visiting the region for this trail, you might also like to plan for an extra day.

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GPX Track
Start: 46.440237, 7.292637
Town: Gstaad
Canton:  Bern
Country:  Switzerland

  • Start with a ride up from the Gstaad Wispile Talstation. Operating hours and fares here. 

  • Only in August from 09-16:30 you can catch the Wasserngrat lift down at the end of your long run. Otherwise, the final 660 meter descent from the station goes by quick and steep.

  • Tiger Run: In July and August 2019, challenge yourself to run up the steep Tiger Ski Piste, a competitive Strava segment that's 2.5 km with 660 meters up.

  • Trail running isn't new to Gstaad. It's also home to the Glacier 3000 Run. A cool race held annually each August.

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    Cruising downward to the Lauwenesee. THe wide grassy trails are an easy warm up for the long kilometers.


    Headed to the high pastures between the passes.


    Smooth singletrack through a wild green landscape.


    On the way to the Schutzhütte, you balance on an unusual, cratered track. 


    Wildflowers, knee high, color the grassy hillsides.

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