Summer trail running in the Swiss Alps from Engstlenalp, near the Susten Pass. Switzerland

Gental: Cruising through the heart of Switzerland

Determined to find an easy early season route, this one took us four reconnaisance missions, but we found the best way to go

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→ 27km     

↑ 1126m

Δ 2116M 

♦ Easy

Θ Point to Point

This run is the very definition of a sweet cruiser, but it didn't start out that way. We met in June, fully psyched for the first scheduled run mission for our Run the Alps Switzerland book. About 3/4 through a fantastic first day, the trail faded, we scrambled up and down trying to find connections, totally bonked from the hours out, went down the opposite side of the range, got tangled bush-wacking through thorns, caught in a down pour, and were finally greeted with an exploding bottle of Coke that had baked in the car. This was going to be a long summer. 

Beautiful views, grassy pastures, a lake for swimming, smooth sloping trails that you can't run without smiling - we didn't want to give up on finding the perfect run here. So we kept coming back. After multiple returns, Janine pieced together a way to connect all the best sections of running, and none of the bush-wacking.

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GPX Track

START:  46.737646, 8.351775
Town:  Gadmen
Canton:  Bern
Country:  Switzerland


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Running along the shore of the Engstlensee.


Smooth striding with views to the nearby Berner Oberland.


Dan Patitucci headed up to the Sätteli.


Above Gadmen, Kim on an early recon mission going the opposite direction of what would eventually be the tour.

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  1. Really nice! Did this the past weekend from Gadmen. A cool route, and the trail down to Wiler is now marked! Ran into a couple of children playing on mini-tractors in Wiler who wondered where I came from and where I was going. “Ah, Tällibahn, do kenn e scho.”

  2. Wonderful route in beautiful scenery. Just did it a couple days ago and it was fantastic. Given it’s early June I would recommend waterproof trail shoes and poles. Had to cross 7-8 parts of snow.

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