Trail running in the pre-Alps region near the Stockhorn and Gantrisch, Switzerland

Gantrisch: A sudden Rise from Pastures to Pre-Alps

A friendly cruise through the pre-Alps with views of the big Alps

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→ 21km   

↑ 1239m

Δ 2175M 

♦ Easy


We discovered this run in December of 2016 when Switzerland recorded exactly no precipitation for the month. With some old November snow still lingering in the higher mountains, the Gantrisch was low enough for it to still be runnable. Meanwhile, Janine was starting to research trail running tours for our book, this seemed to be a candidate. On a foggy December day in Interlaken, we decided to give it a go.

The beauty of being in the pre-Alps is the view of the Alps proper, and from here you'll see much of the Berner Oberland. But it's not the only advantage, the terrain is also a bit more friendly for runners to open it up without such extreme climbs. And this is what you'll do for the next 7km as you make your way off the Gantrisch and east to the Oberi Walalp. Once there, a quick 100 meter climb gains the Walalpgrat which you'll follow, steeply at times, to the Homad peak and descent back to the start.

Looking for a similar run? Try the Sigriswilgrat, also in the Bern region.

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GPX Track

Start:  46.72344, 7.44427
Town:  Gantrisch
Canton:  Bern
Country:  Switzerland

  • Consider saving this run for the fall when the cows aren't about to chew up the trails and do their part fertilizing the Alps.

  • There are plenty of fountains to use as hydration sources, including a farmer offering a beer trough.

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A woman and cow stand at a water fountain in the Swiss Alps

Kim making friends with the locals.

Trail running in the Gantrisch mountains, Switzerland

The late fall strategy of staying high in the sun and out of the fog.

Trail running in the Gantrisch mountains

Save the Gantrisch for fall when the cows are gone and the air is crisp.

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