Davos Sertig Loop

Davos - Sertig Loop

Fast & fun: A runners trail running tour

→ 24km     

↑ 1220m

Δ 2580M 


Θ Clockwise

This one is about as smooth and flowing as trail running gets. Starting in the back of the Sertigtal, a short and quiet valley south of Davos, the route sets out on steep trails into the Ducantal, a wide open landscape just one valley north of the Bergün run from our Run the Alps Switzerland book. A clean singletrack trail snakes along the valley bottom and leads to the Fanezfurgga, a 2580-meter pass which accesses a long, fast descent to the idyllic little village of Oberalp.

Stop! Here you must make a decision... Our route now traverses from Oberalp and continues north. But, you can also make a worthy detour downhill, losing 300 meters, to the village of Monstein.

Monstein, at 1620 meters, is home to just 200 year-round inhabitants. And one brewery. The Monsteiner is a beer that must be sampled on the way through the village. Also, pay attention to see if you can find the house built around a significant tree trunk which remains inside the living room. This is a cool place, don't blast through. After sampling the local brew, either retrace your track back up to Oberalp, or follow the forest trail and dirt road back up to re-join the route, see map.

Back on route, the trail leads through forest to the Rinerhorn lift station. Here, things will get busy for a bit as you swing around on a dirt road to head back south into the Sertigtal. On the northernmost tip of your loop, the wide, dirt road turns to dreamy singletrack which leads all the way back to your starting point at Sertig. This final section is absolute perfection, a not too smooth and not too technical trail, it doesn't need to be shared with all the mountain bikers as they have a separate, bikers only trail, paralleling your own racetrack back to the finish at the Walserhuus Sertig, where as luck would have it, also sells Monsteiner beer.

A huge thanks to Jasmin and Guy Nunige for sharing this run with us. Both are elite athletes and coaches. Visit Nunige.ch for more info.

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GPX Track
Start:   46.721058, 9.849667
Town:  Davos
Canton:  Graubünden
Country:  Switzerland

  • Wear your fast shoes.
  • Go early to try to minimize slaloming the crowds leaving the Rinerhorn Lift.

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Athletes and coaches extraordinaire Jasmin and Guy Nunige heading up the Ducantal towards the Fanezfurgga


Some walking, but lots of running as you gain meters to the pass


Coming down off the Fanezfurgga is why you booked a trip to Davos


Passing through the cluster of old houses at Oberalp


The final stretch to the Walserhuus Sertig

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