Chrinnenhorn ⇑

The Gleckstein Hut, Chrinnenhorn trail from Grindelwald, Switzerland

Chrinnenhorn: A Wild High above Grindelwald

This quick ascent into the alpine world above the Gleckstein Hut gives you new perspective over the  Jungfrau Region  

→ 13km 

↑ 1655m

Δ 27410M 

♦ Difficult

⇑ Easy

Θ Out & Back

We wanted to see the sunrise from up high, so at 4 am, we started from the Hotel Wetterhorn parking lot. On the drive up, we passed through Grindelwald without seeing another headlight. It's a beautiful time to be awake, seeing the few hut lights shining high above town and imagining all the climbers getting ready for their own day in the Alps.

Flipping on our headlamps, we started up the steep trail, all the while dodging alpine salamanders enjoying the pre-dawn air. With no views to distract us, we moved quickly through the dark. The sun was rising as we passed by the Gleckstein Hut, and despite the gathering black clouds, the Niesen glowed pink in the distance, the ridge of Reeti caught the first light, and spotlights angled down on hillside farms making them glow in golden morning light. Then, it rained.

The rain came in on a cold wind as we stretched micro-spikes over our shoes before making our way up a nameless, steep gully near the Chrinnenhorn. With nothing to see inside rain clouds, and before we got chilled, we quickly reversed our tracks from the summit and made our way down to the Gleckstein Hut for a coffee to wait for the sun we hoped would return. Suddenly, it had become summer again. We dallied to enjoy the views of the Oberer Grindelwaldgletscher, Schreckhorn, and countless waterfalls in the canyon before and during the long descent back to the valley.

The pre-dawn darkness had been replaced by summer sun and the empty parking lot had filled with tourists eating ice cream, craning their necks up to where we'd just come from. We'd left the car in the inky black night, watched a sunrise we'll never forget, passed through alpine terrain in cold rain and thick fog, drank coffee at a hut watching clouds part and the sun dry the landscape. We ran down summer trails with smiles on our faces. This is why we do what we call The Way Ups.

Ice cream seemed like a good idea too.

The steep, rocky trail makes the trip up the Chrinnenhorn a Difficult run, but it's an Easy Way Up and a great introduction to the concept.

While you're in the region, be sure to also run Lauterbrunnen to Schilthorn, another Way Up nearby.

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Learn more about the skills necessary to run Way Ups with ALPSinsight's Education pages for Mountain Running and Mountain Sport Fitness.

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GPX Track
Start:  46.632201, 8.071120
Town:  Grindelwald
Canton:  Bern
Country:  Switzerland

  • The patio of the Glecksteinhütte is a great coffee stop on the way back down. Don't miss visiting the happy chickens - they've got quite the view from their coop. 
  • Trekking poles are useful for the steep and loose upper section of the route.

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The Gleckstein Hut, Chrinnenhorn trail from Grindelwald, Switzerland

An ice cold shower always helps to wake up at 3 in the morning

The Gleckstein Hut, Chrinnenhorn trail from Grindelwald, Switzerland

On the way to the Gleckstein Hut, seen above and left, with the Chrinnenhorn directly above Kim.

The Gleckstein Hut, Chrinnenhorn trail from Grindelwald, Switzerland

Above the Gleckstein Hut on the way to the Chrinnenhorn before the clouds closed and we got poured on.


Arriving to the summit of Chrinnenhorn. Another day... another storm.

The Gleckstein Hut, Chrinnenhorn trail from Grindelwald, Switzerland

Heading back down to Hotel Wetterhorn and Grindelwald alongside the gorge where the Grindelwaldgletscher once flowed from the canyon.

The Gleckstein Hut, Chrinnenhorn trail from Grindelwald, Switzerland

Like she started, Kim ends the day with an ice cold shower.

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