Trail running above Val Funtauna between Berguns and Davos, Switzerland with golden fall colors

Bergün: Into the Val Funtauna

A valley worth spending a day in

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→ 24km     

↑ 1370m

Δ 2630M 

♦ Easy


A photo we made of the Val Funtauna while mountain biking in 2012 stuck in our memory. In the meantime, we'd also discovered Bergün, with its Romantsch charm, and regularly regarded as one of Switzerland's most idyllic villages, to be the access point to the valley. So while designing the book runs, we knew we had to include a run here so people could experience both Val Funtauna and Bergün. What we ended up running fulfilled both requirements, in fact the run traverses the valley twice. You'll get your fill of the Val Funtauna.

When you see that original photo of this wide open green valley, with a trail running through it, you can't not want to be there. And while Switzerland has so many of these valleys, this one really is unique thanks to... what? It isn't possible to describe why, it's just a feeling that some places have.

Olympian, and now local, Julia Bleasedale joined us for our book run day and agreed, there is a certain magic to this place. Clearly I could go on and on about this feeling but only get so far in truly describing the experience. You have to go feel it for yourself.

While you're visiting the Graubünden, and especially if it is fall, be sure to also check our Engadine runs, like the Rosegtal or Piz Languard.

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Town:  Bergün
Canton:  Graubünden
Country:  Switzerland


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Val Funtauna, above Davos, Switzerland

My first photo of Val Funtauna made in summer 2012. That trail running through it is the reason we went back.

Trail running in fall colors above Berguns, Switzerland

Shortly after leaving the start behind you are in what feels very remote.

Trail running in fall colors above Berguns, Switzerland

The big wide open and brown landscape of the Graubünden.

Julia Bleasedale trail running in fall colors above Berguns, Switzerland

Julia Bleasedale on her way to the Kesch Hut.

Trail running in Val Funtauna between Berguns and Davos, Switzerland

Leaving the Kesch Hut behind and headed into the Val Funtauna.

Standing on the shore of a small lake above Berguns, Switzerland looking at the mountains reflected in the still water

The trailside attraction of Lai da Ravais.

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