Trail running in the Bannalp, central Switzerland

Bannalp: Cowbells and Cable Cars

A diverse trail network with quick access to both rugged terrain and long flowing traverses

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→ 27km     

↑ 1500m

Δ 2559M 

♦ Medium

Θ Clockwise

I wanted to take off my sweaty socks, but we didnt' have time to stop. We could have taken a lap around the Tickle Trail - next time we'll make the time to relax. Knowing there's distance to cover along rolling trail keeps you moving, excited to see what might come next. Pastures, karst, forests and tall rocky turrets - the terrain is always appealing.

For a similar, but shorter loop that's also cow-rich, check out the Klausenpass.

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Town:  Oberrickenbach
Canton:  Nidwalden
Country:  Switzerland


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Trail running in the Bannalp, central Switzerland

Cruising above the Rugghubelhütte in Engelberg.

Trail running in the Bannalp, central Switzerland

Cows and cliffs line the trail on yet another smooth traverse.

Trail running in the Bannalp, central Switzerland

A final climb after Brunnihütte. It's about to get steep.

Trail running in the Bannalp, central Switzerland

Great combo of green slopes and etched grey rocks. The terrain isn't extreme, the running is smooth, and these tough looking cliffs make an axis to loop around.

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  1. This is a diverse arena to run in. You can easily access it from Oberrickenbach or Engelberg. Mountain cabins and restaurants along the way provide plenty of opportunities for replenishment (Rugghubel, Brunni, Walenalp, Bannalp). If you’re looking to extend your run, you can go for another bonus by heading up the Wissigstock 2887m, which offers somewhat more runnable trails than the Engelberger Rotstock. In addition there’s the route over of the Schonegg Pass and over the Chaiserstuel 2400m as an alternative to the cable car up to the Bannalp. Either way – the rugged walls of the surrounding peaks are breathtaking.

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