Ayer Hotel Weisshorn

Like Sierre-Zinal but less traffic

→ 17km     

↑ 1100m

Δ 2337M 


Θ Clockwise

The perfect warm up for your arrival to the Val d'Anniviers, AKA, Trail Running Paradise.

This loop starts in Ayer and quickly climbs perfect, and steep, singletrack to the famous Sierre Zinal Trail. You'll know you've arrived when you've stopped climbing and there are Z's painted on a lot of trailside rocks.

After a short traverse and one last easy climb, you'll arrive at the Hotel Weisshorn where you'll surely want to at least check the menu for the daily special. You'll also need a moment to consider what to do because for this run you have a big decision to make.

We're going to offer an alternate descent rather than continuing on the Sierre Zinal Trail. Our descent will have you drop off the Sierre Zinal Trail at the hotel and immediately re-enter the forest on quiet, smooth singletrack for a fairly direct and lesser used return to Ayer. If you decide you really need to do the Sierre Zinal Trail, then hop on the super highway and carry on. You can't go wrong, it's well signed and most likely very, very busy. It's also excellent. Just be warned, it can be a slalom event.

While you are in the Val d'Anniviers, be sure to also hit the Bella Vouarda run or the Diablon des Dames Way Up.

Detailed GPX Track

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GPX Track
Start:  46.177300, 7.604220
Town:  Ayer
Canton:  Valais
Country:  Switzerland

  • On the climb to Hotel Weisshorn, you do not follow the signs to the Hotel, we take you up a better way. Have the GPX track & route readily available, there are a lot of turns and crossing trails.
  • You can refill water flasks at the Hotel Weisshorn.
  • If you do run to Zinal and need to get back to Ayer there is a bus connecting the two towns.

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The trail along the Torrent des Moulins


The Sierre Zinal Trail just before the Hotel Weisshorn


Dropping in to the Hotel for an aid station stop


Our descent trail returns you to Ayer and feels more off the beaten track


The alternative to the route we offer is to continue on this, the Sierre Zinal Trail. It increases the distance and finishes in Zinal, not back to Ayer

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