Arolla Aiguilles Rouges

Trail running in a wide open flower covered rocky landscape above Arolla, Switzerland

Arolla: Chasing Colors in the Val d'Hérens

Another Valais masterpiece tucked away deep in the Val d'Hérens

This Run is featured in Run the Alps Switzerland:  30 Must-Do Trail Runs

→ 16km     

↑ 1200m

Δ 2835M 

♦ Medium


There's nothing like the smell of shit shovelin' in the morning. And there's no other valley quite like the Val d'Hérens. We appreciate both as we make our way up to the lake. This is a favorite run, short but tough. And it's got tons of curvy drop.  

There's magic at the end of these Valais valleys! If you enjoy running Arolla, Zinal is your next stop.

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GPX Track

START:  46.027393, 7.479784
Town:  Arolla
Canton:  Valais
Country:  Switzerland


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    Kim passing all the many chalets on her way through La Gouille.


    Meters before the Cabane des Aiguilles Rouges and its view of Mont Collon.


    Dan and Kim at the Cabane des Aiguilles Rouges, probably staring at Mont Collon.


    This is why you drove all that way to the very back of Val d'Hérens.


    Kim and a massive thunderstorm on a collision course above Pra Gra.

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