Pointe de Lapaz

Pointe de Lapaz

Lots of up, a ridge traverse and a huge, mostly runnable downhill with views of everything

→ 18km

↑ ~1400m

Δ 2313M 

♦ Medium


Just south of Chamonix is Les Gaillands, a small lake and what may be the world's busiest climbing crag. We start at the parking lot, which is reachable by bus, train or in 15 minutes on foot from Chamonix.

Immediately settle in for a 1300 meter climb to the Pointe de Lapaz. If you come up short on water, food or energy, stop at the Refuge de Bellachat before the final 200 meter ascent.

The proper Pointe de Lapaz trail stays just off and west of the ridge but it is possible, and recommended for the sure footed, to stay on the ridge crest. A number of faint paths make their way to the actual ridge from the main trail. Traverse south on the ridge where it turns into golf course quality grass and abundant napping spots with unrivaled views of Mont Blanc.

After a good long sit, your quads have some downhilling to do. The trail back to Les Gaillands is almost 100% running.

Detailed GPX Track

Download the GPX File and import the route into your phone's mapping app and/or your watch for the full turn-by turn.

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GPX Track
Start: 45.912765, 6.846584
Town:  Chamonix
Department:  Haute-Savoie
Country:  France

  • This is a long climb and a long descent. Consider the Refuge de Bellachat as an aid station.

  • On the descent, pay attention to the GPX track, there are a lot of turns that lead in the wrong direction.

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Leaving the Refuge de Bellachat for Pointe de Lapaz


Climbing to Pointe de Lapaz


On the Pointe de Lapaz


All good ridges must come to an end, time to drop

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  1. Bought this GPX for a short weekend in Chamonix, worked brilliantly. Didn’t disappoint, views were amazing from the refuge and although the descent was 100% runnable, my quads didn’t thank me for it. Did consider one of your shorter runs for the sunday, but ran up to Blaitière dessous alpage instead, which had a lovely view back across the valley and a fabulous single track descent.

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