Torino Hut Double VK ⇑

Courmayeur Torino Hut Double VK ⇑

Let's be honest, there's pretty much no running involved

→ 8km

↑ 2100m

Δ 3375M

♦ Medium

⇑ Easy

Θ Point to Point

If you like hiking uphill directly under a perfectly useful lift, then this is the run for you. The appeal: it's somewhat rare to find a trail that goes up 2000 uninterrupted meters. This one's all about the vert, put your head down and trudge, crawl, scramble your way up. If you can ignore the infastructure and the shitty trail quality, and hold your breath while passing through the decrepit hallways of Rifugio Torino Vecchio, then it it makes for a unique experience.

Strong espresso is waiting for you at the Torino Hut along with an elevator for the remaining climb to the Helbronner.

Detailed GPX Track

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GPX Track
Start45.81410, 6.95594
Region:  AOSTA
Country:  ITALY

  • It's only 8km, we figured we'd run down too. But after seeing the trail condition and so much loose rock, giving up all our euros for a ride down on the Skyway hurt slightly less than the descent would have.

  • Avoid being beneath anyone else going up. There are plenty of cannonballs waiting to fire straight down the trail line, and they will fire. 

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Spectators gather on the lower section of the trail knowing their Strava segments are safe


Normal, but very steep trails get you to just above the mid-station


We're going to show you some of the beautiful views from the trail, but also some of the reality


Trails merge with rubble, which merges with scrambling, then back to rubble - all the way to the top


And ropes


Finally, just before the Torino Hut and the top, the angle eases off


From one world to another : PRO-TIP : take cash on this run, lots and lots of cash


Our first ever run that ended at an elevator that actually took us even higher, just so we could take a tram down

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  1. Thanks for much for posting this! I noticed this route marked on some topo maps but was never sure if it was actually tractable. What are your thoughts regarding the condition of the route in early season (I.e. June)? Would the snow provide any particular additional hazard? The route itself doesn’t look super pleasant, but I am interested in it as a lift free access to the helbronner sector, as I am gradually working my way through the 4000m peaks with a “valley to summit to valley” ethic.

    1. There’s no way to say how it will be in June, you need to check the snow condition at the time.

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