Courmayeur Pointe des Charmonts

Courmayeur Pointe des Charmonts

Possibly our favorite run anywhere in the Alps. It's that good.

→ 22km

↑ 1500m

Δ 2962M

♦ Medium


After 110 runs added to this site, this may be the very best, certainly in the top 5. That’s saying a lot in the company it keeps; The Mettelhorn, Hardergrat, and Val Müstair to name a few of the other contenders.

In addition to all-day views of the Italian side of Mont Blanc and the Grandes Jorasses, at least 90% of this trail is fast-flowing singletrack. What makes this run even more special are the continual surprises as you turn each of the many corners that come along your way.

We decided to start this run with a tram and lift ride from Dolonne, just next to Courmayeur. Ride the Dolonne lift and then, (why not?) take the Maison Vieille old-school chairlift to Ristorante Maison Vieille. There, you can pop in for one last cappuccino before dropping right onto the Tour du Mont-Blanc trail on which you’ll run your first 6km.

Not so many words are needed here, we’ll let the images do the convincing. 

And the backstory to this Run is that we had a Mexican-American close friend join us, one of his early runs in the Alps. Now he thinks all the running in the Alps is like this.

Now, your turn do this run!

While on vacation from your Chamonix vacation, be sure to run Tête de la Tronche on the opposite side of the valley.

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GPX Track
Start:  45.792892, 6.963381
Town:  COURMAYEUR/Dolonne
Region:  AOSTA
Country:  ITALY

  • Don’t get too late of a start as the first 6km on the TMB section of trail in peak summer is swamped with TMBers and day hikers.

  • You don't have to take the lifts, but the lifts get you to the good stuff sooner, and with more energy to enjoy the run.

  • There's no food or water on the route. Your first chance to drink is when you cross from trail to pavement returning to town.

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Off we go


Your neck will be sore from gawking right and your toes will be sore from stubbing them


After lots of traversing south, you turn north and get some new views


Headed for different terrain and oh you have no idea just how good this traverse is going to get


And this is how it goes


Gaps in the ridge allow for views down to early parts of the trail and ear to ear smiles


What's it going to be around this corner?


If rooty, rocky descents are your thing, don't bother with this trail


We actually started to howl with pleasure : 5 Stars / Six Thumbs Up / Three Fuck Ya's

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