Easy Way Up Runs

Easy Way Up Run Sampler

This is where to start with Way Up Runs. These routes don't require extra gear like ice axes and glacier equipment like many of the other Way Ups. They stay on trails, but are steep with lots of vertical meters. The runs in this collection, are a good way to build your fitness and endurance for the more technically challenging Way Ups, and to enjoy big days out in the alpine.

Mettelhorn  ||  A Zermatt Classic with Big Mountain Views

Big vertical days don't get much better than this. The climb out of town is steep, passing the first 1000 meters in under 4km. From the top of the Mettelhorn, and through much of the day, you're surrounded by views of the big peaks surrounding Zermatt;  Ober Gabelhorn, Zinalrothorn, Weisshorn, Dom and of course the Matterhorn.

Lauterbrunnen - Schilthorn  ||   A Much Nicer Way Up than the Tram Ride

Many of us find trail running as a way to get away from it all. The mountains are quiet, peaceful, challenging and beautiful. When heading up the trail from Lauterbrunnen Valley to the Schilthorn, or Piz Gloria, this is all completely true. You have no less than 2000 meters of climbing ahead - plenty of time to settle in and enjoy the solitude, and to of course take in the surrounding views of the Jungfrau Region. Besides some ladders near the top, this run has no technical terrain, making it the perfect introductory to how you feel on a Way Up.

Schafbärg  || A Big Up Below the Bietschhorn

I hadn't heard of it either. But the Schafbärg is a steep up and down to add to your easy Way Up list. The summit sits below the prominent Bietschhorn. It's easily overshadowed, but for a challenging up and a rapid descent it's fantastic. By the numbers, that's over 1700 meters gain in only 6kms.

Gasterespitz  ||  Big Vertical to a Small Summit

After taking a chance on a new trail, this became a route we repeatedly go back to. The Gasterespitze may well be the perfect introductory Way Up. It's a lot of up, but not too much, and it's all on trail that accesses the alpine world.

Barrhorn  ||   Switzerland's Highest Trail

Rare are trails that put you high into the alpine world, among even much higher peaks, and to a pointed summit. The Barrhorn has it all, including a hut on the descent, famous for its Black Forest cake.

Chrinnenhorn  ||  A Wild High above Grindelwald

This quick ascent into the alpine world above the Gleckstein Hut gives you new perspective over the  Jungfrau Region. The steep, rocky trail makes the trip up the Chrinnenhorn a Difficult run, but it's an Easy Way Up and a great introduction to the concept.

Schwarzhorn  ||   Grindelwald's Sweet Spot for Panoramic Views

The trails and views around Grindelwald are some of the best in the Alps. With numerous alpine peaks and the famous trio of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau towering above idyllic green hillsides, it's in an otherworldly category of beautiful. 

Hockenhorn  ||   All Kinds of Terrain Packed into One Summit Run

The Hockenhorn is our third Way Up from the Gasteretal. We like this deep valley tucked away above Kandersteg. With its towering limestone walls and abundant waterfalls, it's a perfect launch for several big runs.