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Ueli Steck on the Zinal Rothorn during his 82 Summits project

Traveling in Switzerland

There may be no easier country for travel than Switzerland. Thanks to the reliable mass transit system, getting around is easy. For many runs, a car will be helpful for early starts. But with some pre-planning, and wise use of the trains and buses, visitors should be able to do all the runs.

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Useful Links

SBB - Swiss Train System
Meteo Swiss - Weather
Swiss Topo - Essential map site for all of Switzerland
Rega - Swiss mountain rescue insurance
Switzerland Mobility - Map and route info
Run the Alps - Guided and Self Guided Trail Running Tours

Useful Apps

Meteo Swiss
Swiss Map
Switzerland Mobility

General Alps Mountain Sport Info

ALPSinsight - Visit our Stories page for all kinds of gear tips, packing lists, and trip reports

White Risk - Avalanche Prevention Portal

Swiss Alpine Club (SAC-CAS) - Hut and mountain tour info

Run the Alps Race Finder - Interested in trail races in the Alps? This page has it all.